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        Jackie Willome Photography

        Please note the following: YOUR LOVE STORY IS NOT OTHER PEOPLE’S LOVE STORY. Trust and believe that’s how we see y’all. Because you have your own story to tell, your own love to showcase, and your own album to fill. And, shameless plug, who you gonna go to capture all that? We’re all about you. That means, we’re gonna be all about you from the moment you inquire to the day you receive your images. On the day of your wedding, you’re gonna fall in love all over again, and that’s what we’re gonna capture. That’s because we’re gonna be REAL in our approach so that we can capture your REAL love. You’re gonna walk away knowing that the moments that tugged your heartstrings are going to be photographed and told just like you remember. That’s why you hire a photographer. That’s why you want to reach out to us. Because we are gonna tell it like it is.


        About Jackie

        My name is Jackie, and I’m gonna rock your photography experience, my friend. That’s because I’ve been in the game for 10+ years, and I’m gonna use all that experience, not to make your wedding look like her wedding, but to make your wedding look like your love story. I’m a friend and a perfectionist – meaning I’m gonna make sure you and I vibe so that nothing is forced. I’m also gonna take off that hair tie on your wrist, because girl, I don’t think that’s the look you’re going for. I’m a helper. Can your girls bustle your dress? Probs no, so I’m gonna offer a hand and make that french bustle LOOK GOOD! I’m a mother of 2, meaning I know what it’s about to want to capture sweet moments with loved ones. And, being a mother of 2 also means that know how to reign in bridesmaids like a heard of cats. And, of course, I love photography. So much of life is worth snapping a picture of. I want to live into my purpose and have it as my profession. That purpose is to tell stories. Let me tell yours!

        Angelica Quote

        About Angelica

        My name is Angelica. I have a degree in fine arts. I used to paint, but it was totally isolating. About 7 years ago, I emerged back into the world, away from my painting shell, and incorporated real people into my art. Photography is now my full-time jam, and I’m loving it. I’m a total fan and a total dork – I make sure you look goooood for your photos. Also, my awkwardness will bring out genuine smiles from you and your fiancé for sure. I’m an avid climber and army crawler – Anything for the photo I’m a wife of 5 years. I remember my wedding day very little, unfortunately. Thank God for photos   Shameless plug. Lastly, Jackie and I paired up because we’re story tellers. So hurry up and fill out our questionnaire! Help us know your story because we’re eager to tell it!